I had my first oh shit moment of my 30 day SEAL training program last night on the way to the hockey game. I took the train instead of my truck because I knew I would be drinking. That’s when I realized that I had two runs to complete the next day… Hungover.

It was my first moment where I questioned if I would be able to complete the program, and it was the first day. But I did the runs.

The first run was to pick up my truck, the second was in the evening after a pretty full day.

My resting heart rate was running a little high all day, likely due to the alcohol from the previous night.

Day #2

The first run was actually pretty easy considering. The second one was difficult. The first half was mostly uphill, the second downhill. I thought the downhill would be a breeze, but it was actually really hard to keep my heart rate reasonable. Obviously my average pace went way down.