Day four training with a seal program. I really didn’t want to go for the run. I was tired, my body hurt, as I came down the stairs I felt like I might have hurt my hip. I couldn’t decide what dog to take. I did everything I could to convince myself not to go. But I got myself out the door, I took three steps, and decided fuck it, I’m going to embrace the pain.

After missing one of the runs yesterday I decided to go for it, as fast as I reasonably could. I ignored my heart rate, I fought through the pain and I ran my fastest three miles to date. My average pace was faster than my best pace on Monday. I killed it!

Check out the comparison between my first run and this one. Way faster on a tougher run, with more elevation change. The difference was 100% mindset. That’s it. I keep thinking to myself, “what’s on the other side of the wall,” then I push through.

Plus, my average heart rate settled back down to 62 bpm overnight, with it dropping as low as 47 bpm – back to where it should be. That makes me happy.

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