Two weeks ago Fred asks, “So when are you writing your next book?”

My answer, “Never.”

Today, I recant. There is a new book rolling around in my head – it’s gonna be epic!

Time to write a book in my voice. No fear, no filter, no reprisals, no image to protect. I’ve already built my image. Best selling author, highly successful mortgage company, VP of Sales and Marketing for one of the largest independent real estate companies in the country, innovative entrepreneur. The image is there. I don’t say any of this to brag or impress you. I say all this to impress upon you that once you recognize your realities you understand your strengths. Once you understand your strengths, it’s time to capitalize.

I am about to capitalize. At least if you are willing to help.

This yet to be named book will be scientific yet crude. To the point. A commentary on marketing, sales, and peak performance. It will be best described as Mission Impossible meets Ninja Selling meets The 4-Hour Workweek. It will be all about efficiency. Pareto Optimality. Getting the most out of a little.

It will be a how to on selling without becoming a greasy long hair. On how to be a peak performer in sales and marketing by being a peak performer in life.

You are invited to watch it unfold here. All of my best ideas in one place. Right here, at

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It starts today.