Day 15 became a rest day after intervals the day before. My left knee still wasn’t feeling 100% from the nine mile run on day 12 and I think I may have aggravated further during the sprints during my intervals. I attempted a 3 mile run on Day 16 and for the first time felt like I had really aggravated the knee, to the point where I barely felt like I could finish the run. I decided to give it a good rest for Days 17 and 18 only to come down with a cold on Day 19. I am officially off course. It feels like everything is working against me.

That said, the time off has made my knee feel better and I’ve set some new goals. The first of which is to attempt an 18 mile run on Sunday May 14th, which will be day 34 of my little experiment. If that goes well I will attempt a marathon on the 28th, or day 48. These are big goals, but I think they are doable depending on how my knees hold up. I am also hoping that the recovery in my knees has made them strong enough to proceed.

As far as lessons go so far, I’ve started to realize that the point of pain, the point where you want to give up, is usually the moment right before a big breakthrough. Take for example my nine mile run. At mile six I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep my heart rate low enough to finish the run, but miraculously my hear rate decreased in the last three miles. I had to get past mile six to find out this was possible.

That has become one of the most interesting aspects of the training. You don’t know what is on the other side of the challenges being faced daily. A bad result one day may lead to a completely unpredictable personal best the next. Pain in one knee may completely disappear only for pain in the other to show up. Becoming uncomfortable on a run may give you the knowledge to help push you past an uncomfortable moment at the office and complete a project that you thought was impossible.

The biggest lesson however is this. The moments that lie on the other side of overcoming a challenge are the moments where you really begin to understand what it feels like to be alive. The question becomes how do you replicate that moment over and over again? The answer, bigger challenges.

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