Day #5

Day five training with a seal program, was pretty much a rest day with some pushups thrown in. I was pretty sore after running for four days straight so the rest was welcomed. The menu called for 75 push ups. I did 50 because the muscles in my back have a tendency to lock up with to much stress.

Day #6

Today I realized that my lack of previous training didn’t allow my body to recover as fast as Itzler’s might have. So I decided it would be necessary to throw in a couple of extra rest days, especially at the beginning. My guess is I will need 4-5 days of added rest to accomplish the rest of the program. I am contemplating a marathon at the end of the program. We’ll see.

Day #7

After two days off of running I embarked on the longest run of my life. In the rain. My goal was to cover 6.22 miles or 10km without stopping. The furthest I had ever run before was 4.97 miles.

I consciously slowed my pace back down to the 11:24/mile pace that I began with on my first run of the week. I knew the trick was to run 3.11 miles without turning back so that when I did eventually turn back I had to cover the same amount of ground totaling 6.22 miles or 10km. I managed to complete the run without walking and was able to keep my heart rate relatively low for the entire run.

Running in the rain wasn’t as bad as I expected. In fact in kind of made me feel more alive. I had the beautiful view of the Bow River all to myself. Amazing. I am quickly realizing that most of the challenge is mindset, not physical ability.

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