Day #8

Day eight training with a seal program, was another rest day. I tried to go for an early morning run but within 100 meters it was clear my knees weren’t going to handle it well. I decided preventing injury is more important than going for it.

Day #9

Today was supposed to be a three run day, but clearly I am not a SEAL, so it became a two run day which I still think is pretty impressive. It started early with a run in a snow storm. It only took a mile to realize that having no gloves, shoes that aren’t waterproof, and a dog pulling me around on snow and ice was a recipe for disaster. I decided it was a good time to run some intervals and head home early.

The second run was an amazing three mile run that knocked another 50 seconds off of my average pace for a three mile run, down to 9:35/mile. It was the fastest run of my life, but it was also likely due to an error in my heart rate monitor. During the run I kept referencing it to determine if I should be speeding up or slowing down. When my heart rate monitor was showing a low heart rate I naturally sped up. When it got tough but my heart rate was still low I assumed the cold was making it hard for my lungs to keep up. What was actually happening however was the cold was restricting blood flow to my hands giving a false reading.

The run ended up looking like intervals with me hauling ass as fast as I could for about .4 of a mile and then walking for 30 seconds. It ended up working great though because now I know I can run a 5k in under 30 minutes using that strategy.

Quick note – there are supposed to be some pushup/pull up exercises included in this plan, which I am going to do sparingly due to previous injuries. I am going to focus more on the runs.

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