Who to go to for financial advice?

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20 something investment advisor advises 20 something homeowner to refinance their mortgage as a line of credit and use any extra equity they can get to invest. Homeowner blindly follows the advice, not realizing that 20 something investment advisor gets paid based on how much money is invested. The advisor […]

Book Notes – The Power of Habit

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Mindset is the key to success in real estate. It is the foundation that allows you to build and hone your skillset and then put it into action. In a good market, it creates top producers and in a bad market it is what separates the stars from everybody else.

Yet […]

Book Notes – The Big Short

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Notes from The Big Short by Michael Lewis
My Rating: 9/10

My guess is that the movie will likely dumb down the events to make them easier to understand. My guess is also that Michael’s book also dumbs it down quite a bit. So if you are looking for a more sophisticated […]

Book Notes – Small Giants

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Notes from Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham
My rating: 9/10

Small giants, one characteristic immediately jumps out at you. Like Righteous Babe, they are all so intimately connected to the place where they’re located.

“to make worthy contributions to the common good.”

“If he acts […]

The Burden of the Faceless Realtor

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The average Realtor today is faceless. Caught between being a part of a brand that is recognized and a brand of their own which is not. It is a shame that marketing companies have been allowed to preach the poor advice of personal branding, yet here we are.

The Burden of […]

MI meets Ninja Selling meets 4-Hour Workweek

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Two weeks ago Fred asks, “So when are you writing your next book?”

My answer, “Never.”

Today, I recant. There is a new book rolling around in my head – it’s gonna be epic!

Time to write a book in my voice. No fear, no filter, no reprisals, no image to protect. I’ve […]